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New to MQGem Software(Open all)

Can I try the products before I buy?»

Yes. In fact we would recommend it. Contact us to request a 1-month, no obligation, trial licence, telling us the product you want to trial, the platform(s) you want to use it on, and your name and company details. We will not spam you or use your email for anything other than sending you the trial licence. If you decide that the product is not for you and doesn't solve your issue we would appreciate a quick email telling us how we fell short of your expectations. It is by user feedback that our products get better. However, feedback is not mandatory.

How do I convince my management to pay for your products?»

When making a case to purchase a software product, you should consider a number of aspects such as cost, time savings, quality, and employee satisfaction. We have created a Business Case document to help you in constructing a business case to justify the purchase of an MQGem Software licence.

Do you have any customer testimonials?»

Yes. You can see what some customers say about our products here. The quotes are anonymous since most companies (read lawyers) are not comfortable with public announcements of support for various reasons. However, many of these comments (and others) are viewable on public forums. We assure you that they are all genuine.

Which product should I use, there seems to be an overlap in function?»

There are some very common tasks that MQ Administrators have to regularly undertake, and it is these that you will see being available in multiple MQGem products. This is to ensure that, regardless of the product the user is currently utilising, they do not have to switch context to complete this common task, it can be achieved using the product they are currently interacting with.

Of course, these products also each have a large number of functions which are unique to each product. To learn more about each product and the functions that it supplies, take a look at the product datasheets.

Here are some examples of these common tasks, which products you can use to achieve them, and, where available, links to blog posts about them:-

Move messages to another queue  
Copy messages to another queue  
Delete a single message from a queue (more info)  
Delete all messages from a queue (more info)
Unload messages from a queue to a file in QLOAD format   
Load messages from a file in QLOAD format to a queue   
Display formatted messages, e.g. MQ headers, PCF, XML, CSV, FIX, JSON, EDIFACT   
Discover the reason code in a Dead-lettered message (more info)  (*)

(*) Special mention.