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MQGem Software will be attending the inaugural ITC Conference at the Great Wold Lodge in Grapevine, Texas at the end of April 2019. We hope to meet many MQ customers and discuss our solutions with you all. It seems only fair though that you have the opportunity to  use our products for a little while before and during the conference. After all, the 'demos' always work!!

So, with this in mind we have decided to make available a conference licence file for all of our products which can be freely downloaded. The trial licences will give you free, no-obligation, unrestricted access to use all of our products until the 17th May. We won't even ask you your email address. This should give you plenty of time to at least play with the major features of each product. So, download the products, have a play and come armed with your difficult questions on the day!

Of course if you can't attend the conference but would still like to try out our products then you are welcome to download the licence file and do so. You'll just have to email us your questions.



The licence file can be downloaded and used free of charge. All five licences are contained within a single file 'mqgem.lic'. All you need do is unzip the file and copy the 'mqgem.lic' file to the location of the downloaded program executables and you are away!

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Licence file valid until 17th May 2019