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MQGem Software Limited customers are in many different industries and many countries around the world.

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MQGem licences have been sold to a variety of industry sectors. The products are used in following industries...


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Countries of MQGem customers

MQGem Software products are used by hundreds of customers all over the world. If you're interested, here is a map showing all the countries of the current users.

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Customer Quotes

Here are just some of the things MQGem's customers have said....

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Very nice. I just implemented the ssh via putty User Command example in MO71. Now anytime I need to get onto an MQ server, I can do it directly out of MO71. It only saves a few seconds, but there are dozens of little things like this in MO71. A few seconds saved here, a few seconds saved there, over the course of a work week these things add up.
MO71 is a fantastic tool/utility
I've played with MQEV for a couple of days and want to congratulate MQGem on the best product around MQ since MO71. The potential uses are endless!!
Do yourself a favor and get MO71 from MQGem. Even if you have to pay for a single user license from your own pocket. It will make you a better MQ Admin - promise.
Congrats on the MQEV - nice piece of work! We believe it has great potential.
MO71 can do an awful lot more than is immediately apparent. As a number of users have commented, it’s amazing how it all fits into a single EXE that is only 2.5MB big.
The Trace Route function you came up with is fantastic!!! ... incredibly versatile and easy to use. The diagram option with all of the information you can display is awesome.
Thanks a lot for your support and providing such an awesome tool
I am telling my customers to use Paul Clarke's awesome, wonderful, properly supported, properly tested MQ Admin Tool called: MO71.
You really want to take a look at the gem of a tool (pun intended!) that is MQEdit from MQGem. If it is for looking at the contents, attributes and properties of the messages in the queue, IMHO there isn't any better.
MO71 works great with client-side security exits and is a very good tool for MQ admin work.
We monitor all our Queue Managers, Windows and UNIX (AIX and Solaris), with Paul Clarke's awesome tool MO71 on a Windows machine, and it has been serving our needs well
Freaking awesome, Paul! I wrote several reporting scripts for a customer a couple of months back. They declined to purchase MQSCX so I was forced to do much of the logic in the script, giving me I have a good basis for comparison of both approaches. The differential in lines of code, complexity and amount of additional billable time I spent would have paid for a site license for several years. The ROI is now more than doubled, possibly even 5x what it was.
Reviewed the manual for MQSCX and it looks pretty cool. Color!!! I could get used to a colorful MQ world!!!
MQGEM is cool. Check out their MQSCX. A wonder tool for mqsc.
We LOVE MO71! It is not simply a utility we use occasionally - it is a vital tool for administering hundreds of Mainframe and Distributed Qmgrs that we, frankly, can't live without.
This new MO71 is awesome, especially the web interface. Any of you who have not tried it should consider doing so, and purchase a copy. Thanks Paul.
If you are an MQ Administrator, do yourself a favor and get MO71. You will be a better MQ Admin as a result – it makes every day MQ admin tasks so much easier. And the thing is lightning fast compared to other GUI tools.
Great product MO71. I really appreciate it’s functionality, flexibility and scriptabilty (I don’t think that’s a word, but I think you know what I mean). I’ve really only scratched the surface of its functionality. Looking forward to more scripting and graphing.
[MO71] Still the Best MQ admin tool! It's rock solid and has only gotten better since the Atlanta Olympics!

But don't take their word for it....get a trial licence and try the products out for yourself.