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MQGem Software is based in New Zealand, and was founded in 2012 by Paul Clarke, a former member of the MQ Development team.

Please feel free to contact MQGem support if you have any queries, comments or suggestions. Here are some reasons you might want to contact us.

You want to try out our products

If you want to try out one of our products, email MQGem support telling us the product you're interested in, the platform(s) you want to use it on, and your company details.

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Buying our products

If you need a quote for our products before purchasing, please email MQGem support with the details of the product, licence type and duration, company details and currency.

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If you've had a problem with the product

Make sure you are using the latest version of the product, because the issue you have experienced might already be fixed. If it is still apparent in the latest version, then email MQGem support with as many details as you can. The more detailed you are, the more easily we can help you. If the problem is in a GUI product, consider whether a screenshot might help describe the problem; if you issued a command, tell us that command; if a particular message causes the error, consider sending us that message.

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You want from MQ Training

We provide online self-paced training, or can create bespoke classroom courses. Read more on our Training Page or email MQGem Training with your requirements.

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Anything else

Of course, we are happy to hear from you about anything else not mentioned above; any comments or suggestions. Drop us an email at MQGem support.

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Follow us on social media and be notified when new and updated versions of the programs become available.