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Questions about purchasing MQGem Software products(Open all)

Are there any volume discounts?»

If you have multiple sites, then three sites can be covered for the cost of two Diamond licences. More than three sites can be covered by an Enterprise licence which costs the same as three Diamond licences.

Number of sitesNumber of Diamond Licences Required
4 or more (Enterprise Licence)3

So, in order to cover your entire enterprise, regardless of how many locations and employees you may have, you need only purchase 3 Diamond licences.

To get your discount please send an email to MQGem support explaining the type of licence you require.

Are there any discounts for buying a multiple year licence?»

We don't provide any discounts for multiple year purchases. However there are some savings to be had when buying a multiple year licence. You save on any administration costs from the purchase itself, such as bank transaction fees, especially those on international currency conversions; and the efforts of your procurement department. You also protect yourself against any price rises in the period your purchase covers.

What is your refund policy?»

We offer a pro-rata refund should you decide you no longer wish to use the software. If you're a new user and you are unsure whether the software is right for you, please take advantage of our free trial before you decide to purchase.

Can I buy MQGem products in my home currency?»

All quotes and invoices from MQGem are provided in two currencies, New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and your currency. You may pay the invoice in either currency, whichever you feel gives you the best deal. Amounts in a foreign (to us) currency include the currency conversion fee we pay to recieve your money.

What is your purchasing process?»

The simplest way to purchase an MQGem licence is to click on the 'Buy' button on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us to request a quote which will be sent as a PDF file. If the quote is acceptable, send us an email and/or a Purchase Order to confirm, and we will issue an Invoice PDF file. The Invoice will contain payment details. When payment is received, we will send the licence file(s) to the purchaser email address.

Can I pay by Credit Card?»

We accept payment by Credit Card through PayPal. In many countries you do not even need to have a PayPal account to use this.

Can I upgrade a licence?»

Yes. Essentially, we will add a pro-rata refund for your "smaller" licence to the invoice when you purchase the "larger" licence.

What information do you need to create a quote for me?»

We need to know the product name; licence type; licence duration; company name and currency.

Can I buy through a reseller?»

Yes. See our Resellers Page for more details.

Why has my invoice total increased from last year?»

MQGem Software invoices are always produced with two totals, one in our currency (NZD) and one in the currency you requested.

If your invoice total is different from last year, this could be for one of two reasons.

  1. Like any company, MQGem Software has to periodically increased its prices - compare the NZD total to determine this. MQGem Software prices are only set in NZD.
  2. Currency exchange rates fluctuate throughout the year and may have caused your currency total to be different even though the NZD total remains the same. Prices in other currencies are calculated based on the current exchange rate.

As exchange rates fluctuate, local currency totals are as likely to go down as well as up, so you may well find your invoice is actually cheaper than last year!

At MQGem Software, we naturally have no control over foreign exchange rates, we only have control over the NZD prices.

Why has my invoice total decreased from last year?»

Only kidding! No-one has ever asked us this!