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Welcome to the MQEdit download page.

The MQEdit program and the user manual can be downloaded and used free of charge although without a licence most of the features are disabled. If you would like to try out the editor then please send an email to and we will send you a trial licence. Also please do feed back your thoughts on the product to Comments good and bad all help to move the product forward. In particular we are interested in features you would like to see added. The more customers that ask for a particular feature the more it is likely to get included in the next version.

User Guide version 9.2.1

Version 9.2.1 (Build Date - March 3rd 2021)


MQEdit Program version 9.2.1

Version 9.2.1 (Build Date - March 10th 2021)

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A list of changes and fixes will be kept here. If you find an issue please check back here to see whether it is already a known problem and has already been fixed.

Version 9.2.1 (Latest Build - March 10th 2021)