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MO71 and MQEdit are 32-bit Windows® programs so clearly they will run under Windows. However, they will also run on an Intel® Linux® machine under WINE. WINE is a fabulous piece of free software that comes from the WINE project. This software allows a huge range of Windows applications to run, virtually unchanged, on an Intel Linux machine. The software is not an emulator but rather translates Windows API calls to POSIX® calls on the fly which means that it is fast and efficient. The level of compatibility is very good and it is well supported with regular updates.

MO71 on Fedora

MO71 running on Fedora®

MO71 serving HTML Pages on Fedora

MO71 serving HTML pages on Fedora

MO71 graphing queue depths on CentOS

MO71 graphing queue depths on CentOS®

MO71 showing network and trace message on CentOS

MO71 showing network and trace message on CentOS

MQEdit editing a message in hex on CentOS

MQEdit editing a message in hex on CentOS

MQEdit finding text on Fedora

MQEdit finding text on Fedora

What to do?

Full instructions of how to get MO71 or MQEdit running on Linux is contained in the relevant product's documentation. However, the essential concept is to run the product in the WINE environment. This is simply achieved by issuing a command such as wine mqmonntp for MO71. Howevever, clearly the MQGem products need to access the IBM MQ product and this is what this web page is all about.

This page allows you to download a zipped tar file which contains two wrapper libraries - one for the MQ Client ( which maps to and one for the MQ bindings library ( which maps to These wrapper libraries will allow a program running under WINE to issue MQ calls and call the installed IBM® MQ product just as if it were calling it directly from the Linux environment.

MQ WINE Wrapper Libraries

This download contains a zipped tar file containing two wrapper libraries which allow a 32-bit Windows program to call the installed Linux MQ libraries when run under WINE.

Version 1.0 Build Date - December 30th 2016


Known Wrapper Problems

A list of known problems will be kept here. If you find an issue please check back here to see whether it is already a known problem.

Version 1.0 Build Date - December 30th 2016

Known WINE Problems

Here is a list of the problems that have been found running the products under WINE. These are issues with the WINE functionality itself and should be fixed in later versions of WINE. It is recommended that you use a version of WINE that is 1.7 or later. In general you should use the latest level of WINE available on your system.